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who knows.

i tried writing a poem once, about me, about my life. it didn't really work out. i wrote down "my name is kyra", and then nothing. i couldn't think of anything to write.



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liz <3


the awesomeness blinds me. D:

this song reminds me of "soaking up the sun", from way back when, when i was, like, seven or something and me and my bffl would always listen to kids-bop, watch yu-gi-oh, and play on the gameboy. :b

oh nostalgia... how you fucking kill me   take me back...

liz <3


i hate it when my parents fight, which is sadly often. they're so fucking annoying! UGHH. J;LJFSDF.A.

so i'm heading to chicago tomarrow morning, but the two hour car ride will probably be filled with tons of tension.

stupid parents. o' n 'o
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